Sunday June 11, 2017

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Call Us: 416-661-1800 ext. 222

Rider Resources

Whether this is your first or 20th time riding in the Moveathon, we understand that you need our support! Please don’t hesitate to call 416.661.1800 x222 or email for any help or additional resources to help you recruit riders and meet your fundraising goal.

To download an offline pledge form click here!

Email Templates:

Rider Recruitment Email

Donor Solicitation Letter from New Rider

Donor solicitation letter – repeat rider to repeat donor

Donor Solicitation Letter – repeat rider to new donor

Training Rides:

For the training ride schedule, click here.

Rules of the Road:

Whether this is your first time on the road, or your 20th, you should always know the rules of the road! Click here for more information on bicycle safety.